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Florida Medical Marijuana New Patient FAQ

After the Doctor's approval you will be entered into the Florida Department of Health Medical Marijuana Registry and be assigned your patient number. The patient number, will be sent to your email.  The email is sent from the Florida Dept of Health as "curegistry....."  The email will sometimes go to your spam or junk mail folder.  If you don't see the email, call the office and we can provide your patient number.  

The next step is to order your card from the Florida Department of Health.  Certified Marijuana Doctors offices help you with the Florida Department of Health forms. Most of your form should be completed before you leave our office.  It is your responsibility to confirm all the information on the form is correct.  If you are computer savvy you can upload your passport photo, and ID to your Department of Health profile page,  and then sign your profile online.  This may speed up the processing time.  At this time the Department of Health does not accept online payments.  You need to mail your payment to the Department of Health.  Be sure to write your patient number on your payment.  

If you are mailing in the forms and they are not completed properly, the Florida Department of Health will return the forms to the patient to be corrected.

To avoid delays, the following items should be checked and double checked: 

1.  Confirm page 2 is signed and dated.  

2.  Confirm a check or money order of $75 made payable to:  The Florida Dept. of Health is included, with your patient number written on the payment.

3.  Confirm the address on the form matches the photocopy of the patient's drivers license, (or whatever document is used as proof of residency). 

4.  A recent passport photo must be attached.  Passport photos can be purchased at drugstores, mailbox stores, and large chain stores with photo departments for approx. $10.  Do not attempt to take your own passport photo as the dimensions and requirements are precise.

5.  Be sure to write your patient number on the top of page 1, AND on your payment. Your patient number begins with the letter P, followed by 7 numbers.  (Pxxxxxxx)

If your form is legible and complete, you can expect to receive an email from the Florida Department of Health in approximately 4-5 weeks. Possibly sooner.  We have been told more personnel have been hired to process cards starting in mid October 2017. The email you will receive gives you approval to start purchasing.  If your payment has not been cashed, it is a sign that they have not started working on your application.  Once your payment is cashed you should receive an email within approximately 1 week.  These are time estimates based on patients who have received their cards.  We update this page when we see a new trend in processing times.  

IMPORTANT:  Our office has no control over the processing times at the Florida Department of Health for the issuance of your medical marijuana ID card.  We do not have the ability to check on your application.  We do not process your card.  We are able to fix data entry errors in the registry.  If you find an error, please call our office to have it corrected.

If you still feel you must check on the status of your card call: 

FL Department of Health at (800) 808-9580 Office of Medical Marijuana.  

When the email, or medical marijuana ID card arrives from the Florida Department of Health, you must CALL OUR OFFICE BEFORE calling or visiting a Florida dispensary.  The Dr. has to enter your order into the registry before you can purchase from any of the Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.