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Certified Marijuana Doctors ( in Florida is a network of clinics staffed with licensed physicians who have additional training in marijuana to certify qualifying patients for a Florida Medical Marijuana card. We offer access to high THC and CBD products for patients seeking medical marijuana cards.

The process to become a Florida medical marijuana patient involves certification by a licensed and certified marijuana doctor, who provides a patient number to order a Medical Marijuana Card from the State of Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use. (OMMU) Don't worry, we help you with all the administrative stuff!  Patients with qualifying medical conditions, such as PTSD, anxiety, cancer, MS, parkinson's, seizures, and many more conditions, can become certified, as well as a large number of new conditions under the similar kind or class ruling. Certifications and orders are processed the same day!  You can visit any dispensary the same day!  We also provide dispensary discounts and swag! 

The patient testimonials on our website reflect a positive response to our services. Patients have reported significant benefits from using medical marijuana, such as improved sleep, pain relief, and overall health improvements. The testimonials also highlight the knowledgeable and caring staff at CMMDR, emphasizing our patient and understanding approach. This is attributed to a top notch team who put the patient first.

CMMDR has a wide reach, with offices located throughout North, Central, and South Florida, serving a broad area including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, St Augustine, Daytona, Leesburg, Ocala, Tampa, Casselberry, Deland, Orange Park, Sunrise, Cape Coral, Naples, Port Charlotte, Largo, Gainesville, and Jacksonville, among others. Our patient demographic is diverse, catering to a wide age range, with the majority over 40 and even some patients in their 100's!

Our network demonstrates the evolving perception and use of medical marijuana, a practice with historical roots dating back thousands of years. The modern rediscovery and application of cannabis for medicinal purposes highlight its enduring therapeutic potential.

Certified Marijuana Doctors (CMMDR) in Florida is a notable entity in the field of medical marijuana, offering services that span across a substantial portion of the state, including major regions from South Florida to North Florida, as well as locations in Central Florida. Our approach is grounded in the historical use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, dating back to ancient times. CMMDR employs licensed physicians with specialized training in marijuana to certify patients for medical marijuana cards, addressing a wide range of qualifying medical conditions. Our intake specialists are very knowledgeable about marijuana, the dispensaries, and the administrative process with the state of Florida, Department of Health, OMMU (Office of Medical Marijuana Use). Our clinical team consists of a PA, cannabis nurse and assistants who assist our doctors to ensure patients are serviced in a timely and efficient manner, with the vast majority of patients purchasing at a Florida dispensary the same day.

Patients' feedback underscores the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating various conditions, including pain relief, sleep disorders, and anxiety disorders, cancer, parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, seizures, and many more. Thousands of testimonials highlight the positive impact on their overall health and quality of life. This aligns with the historical context of cannabis use, underscoring its longstanding therapeutic value.

The CMMDR team has won awards for the best medical marijuana clinic. Our team is passionate about what we do, and very knowledgeable. As one patient review stated, "Best service of any business I've ever visited." 

CMMDR's reach across Florida, with offices in key counties, demonstrates our commitment to making medical marijuana accessible to a wide demographic. Our patient base is diverse, not just limited to younger individuals but also including many over the age of 40 and some remarkable cases of centenarians utilizing our services.

Overall, CMMDR's operations in Florida represent a blend of modern medical practices with ancient herbal traditions, providing a holistic approach to patient care in the realm of medical marijuana. 

A popular news story circulating in the media recently is that the federal government will reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III.  This change will solidify what patients already know, that marijuana does in fact have medical benefits. It will be great to learn more about how it works, and possibly what strains work best for specific conditions. Once this schedule change occurs, marijuana will be much more available for medical studies in the U.S.  It will not change the access, it merely broadens the access researchers will have to study marijuana, and it will likely help loosen the banking and tax rules that severely hinder companies working in the medical marijuana field.  From a study standpoint, it is likely, each cannabinoid will be extrapolated and studied on it's own, as well as the whole plant.  It is our belief many of the cannabinoids in marijuana will then be isolated and sold in pill form for their own specific effects.  It is our firm belief that we are biological beings, and the whole plant, and full spectrum products are always better than isolating one compound from mother nature.  Similar to whole natural foods.  This has been proven in studies done regarding the whole plant vs. isolates.  Whole plant extracts have always won in terms of effectiveness. This is referred to as the entourage effect.

In addition to our recommendations for marijuana we advise patients to incorporate as many natural whole foods into their daily meals and snacks, greatly limit alcohol, unnatural sugar and fats, processed foods, and absolutely avoid all street drugs. Many health conditions can be eliminated or controlled by our diet. Countless lives have been devastated by alcohol, and street drugs. Vote for the right to grow your own marijuana for personal use. It is after all a plant. A patient should be able to grow a limited amount of cannabis for their own personal use next to their tomatoes and peppers, saving them an enormous amount of money.  Just like medical marijuana patients do in other states.  Did you know that marijuana roots are also medicinal?  Although the roots have very little cannabinoids in them, they have been used for medical purposes throughout history. And no, they do not get you high. 

We also advise patients to stay away from marijuana sold on the street.  Why? Marijuana purchased from licensed dispensaries is tested for mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.  Marijuana purchased on the street is not regulated or tested and may be sprayed with other drugs, or contaminants. Licensed dispensaries have destroyed batches of products or plants that were not fit for consumption.  Do you think an illegal unregulated grower would do the same?  Not likely.  

Our team promotes a Happy, Healthy, Pain Free, Life! Give us a call to get started! (844) 420-7277


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