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Clearwater Florida Medical Marijuana Card Doctor

Certified Marijuana Doctors office in Largo Florida assists patients in the Clearwater area who are looking to get their Florida medical marijuana card. The Florida medical marijuana program launched in 2017 and has grown at a steady pace to assist Clearwater Medical Marijuana Doctors patients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions. 

Clearwater Florida patients can easily connect with the Largo Florida office which is on the ground floor and has handicap access. Patients considering medical marijuana who are located in the beach areas of Tampa choose Certified Marijuana Doctors since the team consists not only of M.D.'s and D.O.'s, certified by the State of Florida in marijuana, but also a P.A., a Cannabis Nurse, a Cannabis Researcher, and a handicapped Veteran.  Our handicapped veteran suffers from PTSD, seizures, TBI, and is a cancer survivor. He is also a Florida Medical Marijuana Card holder who started a medical marijuana dispensary in Denver, CO and his wife who has extensively researched medical marijuana and is the resident researcher advocated on Cannabis Nation News (formerly Cannabis Nation Radio) for patient rights. 

This a proactive team of individuals who compassionately understand that we are biological beings living in a synthetic world and the synthetic world is ravaging our bodies. The marijuana plant has the ability to undo much of the harm that has come to patients who are suffering.  

Clearwater patients looking to get a Florida medical marijuana card have easy access to quick and discreet approval by calling the Largo Medical Marijuana Doctors office at (727) 351-0091 to start the process to get their Florida medical marijuana card today.