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Covid-19 Fast Facts

Above you learned: 

  • How to use and remove a mask properly to avoid contamination. 
  • How to properly wash hands to eliminate viruses on your hands which helps to avoid spreading the virus.
  • The importance of social distancing.  

Here are some interesting facts you should know: 

  • It is common to test negative even if you have the virus.  
  • If you have covid-19, you are most contagious before you have symptoms.
  • If your case is severe enough to require you to visit the emergency room, by that time most patients are much less contagious.
  • You can multiply the confirmed cases in your county by 4 to get a closer approximation of the true number of cases, since testing is under used.  
  • The Florida department of health has been accused by newspapers and a whistle blower of purposely fudging the numbers, including under reporting deaths.  Why lie? Politics (this is an election year)  Money.  The economy.  With no income, people will suffer, it is a tradeoff.  So be smart.  Don't think we are out of the woods yet.  
  • There can be long lasting damage. Some recovered patients have had a 20-30 percent drop in lung capacity.
  • Some recovered patients have had permanent kidney damage. 
  • Covid-19 may cause alzheimer's, stroke, blood vessel disorders, heart damage, or more.  The list goes on.
  • Actual cases double every 6 days.  ACTUAL cases.  Not reported cases.  Not tested cases.  In other words the numbers are much higher.
  • You don't need to be coughing to be contagious; between 48 and 66 percent of 91 people in a Singapore cluster were infected by someone without symptoms. 
  • 25 percent of all cases may originate in people who have NO symptoms.  Another reason social distancing is so important. 
  • Regardless of "opening up the economy" there is still a very active and contagious virus.  To protect yourself, your co-workers, your friends, and family, and our patients,  the most important measure you can take is to keep your distance.  It is common to become positive and have no idea "where" you contracted it. If you do become positive, don't beat yourself trying to figure out how or where you became infected.

It is important to avoid group events, avoid social gatherings, keep your distance.  Wear a mask in public places, especially grocery stores etc.  Wash your hands when you get to work!  Wash your hands before eating. Better to not eat with your hands.  Wipe down delivered packages, or let them sit for a couple of days before opening.  Wash your hands after opening.   

Last but not least... 1 in 3 people tested receive a FALSE negative. 

So if your friend says "Don't worry I tested negative."  There is a chance it could have been an inaccurate test.