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  1. Comprehensive Services

    • Same-Day Medical Marijuana Card: Certified Marijuana Doctors Jacksonville office offers same-day approvals, ensuring you get your medical marijuana card quickly and efficiently. This allows you to visit the dispensary the same day!
    • Phone Visits: For your convenience, we provide phone visits, allowing you to get certified from the comfort of your home. No computer or software downloads needed!
    • Long hours: The phones are answered by a team of medical marijuana specialists from 8am to 7pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm!  Many patients transfer to Certified Marijuana Doctors for this reason alone since they left voicemail messages at their prior doctor and never received a response. If there is a problem with your orders while you are at the dispensary we actually answer our phones and fix the problem immediately. 
    • Streamlined Appointments:  We do the administrative paperwork for you!  Patients never have to worry about being in legal jeopardy. We send appointment reminders to ensure your certification and orders are up to date.
  2. Expert Knowledge

    • The doctors at Certified Marijuana Doctors are highly knowledgeable about cannabinoids and their medical uses. They stay updated with the latest research and developments in medical marijuana, ensuring you receive the best possible care. All our doctors are MD's or DO's certified in marijuana.
    • Most team members are patients themselves, making it easy to relate to patients, and provide vast knowledge. 
  3. Personalized Care

    • Patient-Centered Approach: The staff and doctors prioritize your individual needs, offering personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific conditions and health goals.
    • Supportive Environment: Patients often describe the environment as friendly and professional, with staff members who are compassionate and eager to help. With thousands upon thousands of 5/5 star reviews from patients and their loved ones! 
  4. Convenient Locations

    • With multiple offices across Florida, Certified Marijuana Doctors make it easy for patients to access their services no matter where they are located.
  5. Educational Resources

    • We provide ample information on the benefits and uses of medical marijuana, helping patients make informed decisions about their treatment options.
    • We provide the most comprehensive, easy to read, full color infographic brochure to each patient.
    • Website loaded with recipes, education, studies and more!
  6. Positive Patient Reviews

    • Patients consistently give high ratings and praise the clinic for its efficient process, knowledgeable staff, and overall excellent service.


  • “Absolutely love this facility and everyone who works here! 5/5 stars”
  • “Great experience! Friendly doctor and staff! Quick and easy visit. 5/5 stars”
  •  "Best doctor around. Clean office. Friendly staff. Very helpful. Walked me through the whole process and eased my anxiety. They are absolutely angels! 5/5 stars"
  • "Fast, affordable and efficient. Very friendly staff. Cheaper than my last doctor with hidden fees. Highly recommend! Thank you so much for providing me peace of mind! 5/5 stars"
  • "These people are very loving and kind. They understand that we have problems and they’re always there to help us in anyway possible. 5/5 stars"
  • "Best service I've ever received anywhere. 5/5 stars"

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As a Token of Our Appreciation

Here is an interesting cannabis fact: Did you know that cannabis can potentially aid in managing symptoms of PTSD and anxiety? Studies have shown that cannabinoids like CBD can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep in individuals with PTSD.

Certified Marijuana Doctors: Your trusted partner in medical marijuana care. Experience the best in professional and compassionate care today!

Qualifying Conditions for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Florida now allows medical marijuana doctors to approve medical conditions of "similar kind or class."  This opens up many more medical conditions our marijuana doctors can approve. For instance, on the original list of approved conditions is Crohn's disease. A "similar kind or class" condition to Crohn's could be, ulcerative colitis, or IBS "irritable bowel syndrome."   The same can be said for PTSD, and anxiety since PTSD is in fact an anxiety disorder.  Many more people now qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida since the program began. To get started fill out the form on this page and one of our medical marijuana card specialists will get you started!