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Florida Amendment 3 Recreational Marijuana - Smart and Safe is not Smart or Safe - Vote NO

Recreational marijuana is on the ballot in Florida in November. We are often asked for our thoughts on this amendment.

We are not in support of amendment 3 for a variety of reasons. 

First off, this amendment was written and funded mostly by one dispensary, who failed to include "grow rights" for patients. 

This is a very important oversight that is usually included in recreational bills to offset the problems patients endure when recreational marijuana is implemented.

However, in Florida "the sunshine state" grow rights was purposely left out of the bill.  

Interestingly, the roots of the marijuana plant also offer medical benefits that have been documented over centuries from other compounds besides cannabinoids. Marijuana roots have been used to treat arthritis, gout, burns, inflammation, sores and other medical conditions, and they do not get you high.

This is the biggest cost savings for patients, the ability to grow a limited number of plants for their own personal use. Much like a tomato garden. Patients in recreational states often grow a few plants in containers on their patio or in a grow closet (which can be purchased online), or in a fenced backyard.  Legislation determines the number of plants, which is typically 6-12

This is a very important aspect typically included in recreational bills to offset increased pricing, lower quality, and less availability. Not to mention a patient growing their own medicine can avoid the much longer wait times at dispensaries and diminished customer service due the increased demand. 

Many of our team members come from recreational marijuana states as patients, and some of our team members have worked at dispensaries in recreational states.  None of them are in favor of amendment 3 "Smart and Safe" is really "Dumb and Dangerous". 

The reasons many patients and industry workers are not in favor of amendment 3 is: No grow rights were included in this bill, very long wait times at dispensaries, higher costs, less availability, poorer quality product, much worse customer service, working conditions are already bad at dispensaries and pay is not great.  

If this bill was to pass, you can be assured that Florida patients will never have the right to grow their own marijuana. 

Besides grow rights, Monitoring marijuana use by a doctor can avoid certain drug interactions and the doctor can look for signs of potential health issues or adverse effects, including:

  1. Mental Health Issues: Checking for signs of anxiety, depression, or psychosis, especially in individuals with a predisposition to these conditions.
  2. Substance Abuse: Identifying potential signs of dependency or misuse.
  3. Cognitive Impairment: Noting any changes in memory, attention, or overall cognitive function.
  4. Gastrointestinal Issues: Monitoring for nausea, vomiting, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or appetite changes.  Hyperemesis syndrome is on the rise in recreational states.  Recreational users often are unaware until they check into an emergency room.
  5. Drug Interactions: Avoiding harmful interactions with other prescribed medications.

Regular check-ins and open communication with a medical marijuana doctor can help ensure safe and effective use of marijuana.