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Florida Medical Marijuana Consent Form

Click the button below to access the Florida Department of Health Medical Marijuana Consent Form.  There are a few areas of interest on the consent form patients should be aware of.  Although Florida medical marijuana patients have access to marijuana and natural full spectrum extracts containing all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and terpenoids, in some parts of the consent form it talks about studies related to synthetic isolates which are produced in a lab and do not contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.  In other words the isolates are not the same thing that Florida patients purchase at the Florida dispensaries.  Also, the consent form states that cannabinoids have been found to be effective for chronic pain.  However, Florida does not generally include chronic pain as a qualifying condition.  In Florida chronic pain has been defined as "non-malignant chronic pain connected to a qualifying condition...."  In other words, if a patient has had cancer, however is now cancer free, they will still qualify if they suffer from pain related to the cancer.  

Florida Medical Marijuana Documentation for Medical Conditions of the Same Kind or Class

Florida requires certifying physicians to submit this form along with copies of studies and information showing the potential benefit for patients with a medical condition of a similar kind or class as the listed qualifying conditions.