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How Does the Florida Medical Marijuana Program Work?

The very first question most patients ask is "how does this work?"  Especially confused, are those patients or recreational users moving from other states.  Since the laws vary from state to state, and the Federal Government has not approved medical use of marijuana, it can be a bit confusing for some folks.  The first step in Florida is to visit a Certified Marijuana Doctor. Once the licensed physician who is certified in marijuana approves the patient a patient number is issued by the Florida Department of Health.  That patient number is needed to order the patient ID card from the Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use.  Our office helps patients with the card ordering process.  Our office goes above and beyond by giving special attention to the elderly patients who do not have email.  Our oldest patient is 102 years old.  We assist in setting up an email so they can get their electronic approval faster, rather than waiting for their medical marijuana card to come in the mail. It is up to the Certified Marijuana Doctor to approve the patient, however the patient must go through the administrative process at the Florida Department of Health prior to purchasing marijuana.  At the present time it is taking the State approximately 10 days to process the application and payment of $77.75  Once completed and approved the patient can begin ordering marijuana from any of the licensed dispensaries in the state. 

Each State has their own program.  Having a Florida card does not give the patient permission to travel to other States with marijuana.  The marijuana sold at the Florida dispensaries is grown in Florida.  

The benefit of purchasing from a licensed source is purity and consistency.  Much of the marijuana on the street has been contaminated with mold, mildew, pesticides, or other contaminants. Licensed marijuana must be tested for these contaminants before being sold.  Also, all marijuana sold in the dispensaries is labeled.  This is very important, as sometimes less, is more.  Micro dosing is now found to be more effective than major dosing.  This means to start low and go slow to find the effective dosing.  Each person is different.  There is no magic number of mg of THC or CBD that works for everyone.  

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