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How is cannabis administered?

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The above chart shows the various delivery methods that have been used throughout history. Smoking and vaporizing are two of the fastest delivery methods, but they also allow the patient to access smaller doses to realize the medical benefit quicker without excess dosing. The raw delivery method would allow patients to juice fresh from the garden which would require the patient to grow their own. Juicing provides excellent health benefits from CBGA, CBG, THCA, and CBDA with no psychoactivity. These cannabinoids in their fresh raw form provide potent anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective (alzheimers) benefits, as well as powerful anti-emetic properties for treatment of nausea and weight loss. The CBDA found in fresh cannabis also has been found to be anti-proliferative (prevents cancer cells from spreading). Money is at the root of blocking patients from growing their own medicine.