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Absolutely horrible first experience. My first order was delivered slightly earlier than expected (which is the one good thing I may add) and the delivery guy was very courteous, even talked me through the entire process even though I am familiar with the Vape Pen process. Very excited, I went to charge the brand new and sleek looking pen. After charging it for about 3.5 hours (way more than enough), I quickly unplugged it to test out my new medication (I ran out of Percocet the day before) to find out that the pen had no charge. The battery was completely empty. So before getting frustrated, I walked it back over to the charger and plugged it back in. Then, I see in less than 5 seconds, the battery is “full” yet again. I go ahead and try it once more only to find it has run out of battery...again. Seems like the shortest battery life in all of excistence, or sh***y pens. Either way, my recommendation is to STAY AWAY!! Thanks for reading. Oh and they said they would send a replacement with Fed Ex within the next 2 days. You’d think spending almost $200 would warrant a little bit of a rush.

Would like more information

I received my first Knox order June 28th. A man who delivered my product took out my pen, opened my product and put it together for me. I am a retired OR nurse. I would have used sterile technique. I had problems within 2 days. I called customer service on June 30th, and left a message about my product. July 2nd I was able to speak to a person. Again, I am trying to figure out what to do with a faulty product or pen. I have reached out to Knox customer service well over 15 times. I was told take pics of all the product that leaked out and send a email stating what was wrong, they would see what they could do. I never received a confirmation email. I had to call Knox to verify that they received all my pics with the email. Knox said I was storing my vape pen incorrect. I don't store any of my meds where it would on it's side. I took my order to my Drs office so they could see what was wrong. My Dr called Knox personally and put it on speaker. Knox told my Dr, his nurse and myself, yes they would fix this problem.(They record all calls).. I got a call from Knox shorty after leaving my Dr, they weren't going to help as they told my Dr they would. Knox however said they would deliver a new vape pen. I reached out to Knox for help on another website of theirs and I expressed my problem. I had a flood of ppl IM me about their problems with Knox also. On July 13th, a lady with a body camera, (which can be viewed), delivered a new pen. The new one didn't work either. She was a witness that there is truly a problem. The delivery lady called Knox in Winter Garden and said literally I am standing here and it is not working. Their solution was a 20% discount on my next order. I reached out again, all I want is a phone number for good customer service so we can resolve this problem. I returned back to my Dr and they informed me that while all this is going on, a Knox rep showed up at my Drs office and was not a happy! I guess I have aggravated Knox to the point they felt the need to go into a drs office and discuss my problem. I haven't heard from them at all. Hello HIPAA.

I have my temporary card and paid my Dr.s fee. Please let me know when I can place my order and the delivery time frame.


Dawne Severino

Thanks to Julie got the FREE Vape Pen from Knox! Very Nice quality vape pen. Thank you!
If you order over $100 they deliver for FREE also. I am trying the capsules on the weekend. The oil in the vape pen is very smooth, and effective. I have to say I am highly impressed. I have tried other vapes and they were still somewhat harsh. This was as smooth as silk. Impressive. Thank you!