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Lawyer Program

Certified Marijuana Doctors offers a Lawyer Program to quickly evaluate clients of your firm who may be at risk, and may benefit from the Florida Medical Marijuana program. We understand the importance of quick turn around when serious events have taken place.

Certified Marijuana Doctors was the first marijuana clinic to open in Florida in 2016, to have patients ready and qualified past the 90 day waiting period when the law went into effect, January 3rd of 2017.  All of our certifying physicians are licensed MD's or DO's who are certified in marijuana.  We advocated strongly to get rid of the 90 day waiting period placed on patients. 

We have worked directly with the Florida Department of Health to advance and coordinate patient needs.  We've evolved at a very fast pace to meet the needs of our patients and have provided critical advice to the Florida Department of Health to better streamline their online registry.  

Our founders have a great understanding of marijuana and have researched it extensively.  As owners of a Denver dispensary, they advocated for, and have worked with many patients, growers, and edible manufacturers.

One of our founders produced and hosted a national cannabis radio program where she interviewed a wide range of people.  From DEA agents, an FBI lab analyst, to detectives, pastors, lawyers, police, doctors, a wide range of patients, medical researchers, growers, manufacturers of ancillary processing equipment, cancer researchers, clergy, authors, and more. Even a biochemist from the cancer industry who chose marijuana as his sole medicine to treat his own prostate cancer. 

We say this to give you an understanding of the vast knowledge of those behind our clinic.  We understand marijuana.  We understand its origins, the twists and turns it has been forced to take by competing industries, and where it is going.  We also understand high THC marijuana is not for everyone.  That's where CBD or low THC marijuana (as it's called by the Florida DOH) comes in. 

Your firm may have clients who will greatly benefit from medical marijuana. Our knowledge gives us an advantage.  We immediately hit the ground running to work with those addicted to opiods even though the Florida law has not listed chronic pain as a qualifying condition.  (unless the chronic pain is connected to a qualifying condition).. crazy huh?

If the qualifying condition is in remission, then the patient can qualify under chronic pain.  

Most patients suffering from chronic pain also suffer from PTSD, which is a qualifying condition.  We have psychologists available who can quickly evaluate your clients over the phone.  Once PTSD is diagnosed, the patient can be scheduled with one of our certifying physicians at any of our locations statewide.  

With 13 offices we can quickly schedule your clients for certification.  We also help with process of ordering the card from the Department of Health, immediately after the patient is certified.  (this is where others typically fail, and patients often fall thru the cracks).  We have customer service available for any glitches at the Department of Health. 

We never charge a fee if a patient is not certified.  

Often those with legal problems or serious health problems are overwhelmed and that extra assistance makes all the difference. We recently had a patient approved by a Dr. outside our clinic and never got the extra help she needed. And although she was qualified, and their Dr had certified her, she waited 9 mos. before understanding she had not completed the process.  We don't allow that to happen. 

We are patient with our patients.  Our oldest patient is 102 years old.  

Who may benefit? Those clients who have experienced the following:  

  • Accident 
  • Health Problems
  • Divorce
  • Financial Ruin
  • Arrest
  • Prison / Probation*
  • Business Failure
  • Tax Audit 
  • Serious Injury
  • Chronic Pain
  • Veterans of War 
  • Loss of child or loved one
  • Physical, Sexual, or Mental Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Wrongful Arrest
  • Opioid addiction
  • Work Injury
  • Sexual Harassment

Clients you have who are on state probation can use medical marijuana in Florida.  As long as they have their medical marijuana card.  

Share this page with your clients.  100% risk free.  There is no charge if they are not certified.  

Have them call (844) 420-7277(PASS)  or fill out the form below.