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Medical Marijuana Rules in Florida More Restrictive Than Other States

The Florida medical marijuana rules and regulations are more restrictive than most all other medical marijuana states, even though the rules have not yet been put in place.  Patients moving from other states need to be aware that what they may be accustomed to, does not exist in Florida.  Competition? Forget it.  Access to a variety of strains?  Nope.

Many Florida residents have visited other legal marijuana states, and are shocked to learn the restrictions in their own home state.  Although Amendment 2 passed with 72% in favor, (the largest majority of any state), and went into effect on January 3rd, of 2017, the rule making process has just begun. The Department of Health has until June to come up with a "system of rules." Some lawmakers continue to attempt to add more restrictions, even though Florida has some of the most restrictive rules in the nation. 

It is inhumane to restrict access to a natural, healing, non-toxic plant that has been in use for centuries and brings enormous relief to such a wide range of seriously ill patients.  The cannabis plant acts as a modulator, bringing homestasis to the other systems in the body.

Florida residents need to educate themselves about the endocannabinoid system that exists in their bodies so they can let their political representatives know they aren't going to stand for blocking access to a plant that has such vast healing properties.

Florida consists of the number 1 elderly population, according to World Atlas, and recent proof that marijuana aids in blocking alzheimer's disease, treating cancer (not just the symptoms), parkinsons, epilepsy, Lou Gehrig's disease, glaucoma, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, multiple sclerosis, pain, autism, and more.  Not to mention Florida ranks 3rd in the nation according to the Center for Disease Control for HIV and Aids patients who also benefit from marijuana.  Aging often includes sleepless nights and pain.  Marijuana provides effective relief without damaging the stomach and liver which has been linked to many of the pharmaceutical drugs. 

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