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How to Order My Florida Medical Marijuana Card

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After one of our Certifying Physicians enters you into the Florida Department of Health - Medical Marijuana Use Registry. 

Your profile in the registry will be created, and you will be assigned your Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry Patient Number.

The Department of Health login instructions to your registry profile is sent to you in 2 emails.

1. The first email is a welcome email instructing you to use your email address as your username. 

2. The 2nd email is your temporary password.  

You will use the temporary password to create a new password for your profile.  (10 characters minimum, upper and lowercase, letter, number, special character)

Once you have created a new password, and logged in:  

1.The address in the registry must match your FL ID or your picture will not be added to your medical marijuana id card. You will have to take a passport style photo and upload it in the proper dimensions, or upload a passport photo. 

2. Upload your proof of residency ie FL driver license or FL ID. The address on the proof of residency must match the address entered in by the Dr. 

2. Sign the form online by typing your first name and last name exactly as entered by the Dr. (and as shown on your FL ID)

3. Pay the fee of $77.75 (or $75 if sending in the paper form).

* Note: If your picture is not on your profile first verify your date of birth, address, spelling of name, and SS number were all entered correctly. If there was an error, the certifying physician will have to fix the error before you can proceed.  If you do not have a FL ID or Drivers License (this is for Part Time Residents) you will need to add a passport type head shot photo on a white background which can be taken with your cell phone. (Normally the photo will populate from your FL Drivers License or ID) 

The Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana will send you an email approval after they manually view your profile.  That email approval can be used to start buying marijuana before your medical marijuana card arrives in the mail. (The Florida licensed dispensaries will be able to see you have been approved).

If you have not received an email approval approximately 10 business days after you paid the State, contact them directly to inquire about the delay. (Have your patient number ready).

FL Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana (800) 808-9580

Approximately 10 business days after you submit the state form, you will receive an email from the State of Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use, (OMMU) giving you permission to start purchasing medical marijuana from the Florida dispensaries. You can use that email to start purchasing before your medical marijuana card arrives in the mail. 

You should already have an order in the registry allowing you to purchase from any of the Florida Marijuana Dispensaries.  New dispensaries are added to our website as they become licensed. Verify an order has been entered before driving to a dispensary by logging into your registry profile and scrolling down to the bottom of the profile page to see your orders. If you do not see an order call us to have your certifying physician add your order into the registry.

Everything you need is on our website.  A button to login to your registry profile, all dispensaries to buy from, and information about your endocannabinoid system, also scientific studies, and general information about marijuana.

Florida law requires you to get certified PRIOR to every 210 days to maintain your patient status. Call our office in 6 months to schedule your appointment to assure your orders are not interrupted.  Re-certification office visits are $150. We normally schedule you automatically after your appointment. 

Your card expires in 1 year.  You can renew your FL medical marijuana card online as early as 45 days prior to expiration. Renew your certification every 6 months to stay legal.