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Hello to all, very happy overall with the roll out of the new Law. After much time on the West Coast it is nice to see Florida not making this a "free for all". Lets keep an eye on the legislation and discuss. Ive only ordered from Trulieve and went to the Dispensary. You do have to have Cash or the CanPay App for payment. I have not used all their products but do enjoy the Hybrid 600 MG GSC Vap, Capsule RSO 1:1 and the Indica Tenture. Products are good quality and clean. The Vap cartridge for the bigger size lasts about 3 days with moderate use every 4 hours about 3-4 inhalations. The capsules thus far seem to take effect about 2 hours. The tenture was less mg but instantly. Overall pricing was slightly higher than expected. Trulieve does NOT deliver on weekends. Overall I have stopped any pharmaceutical medications for any anxiety, my muscle fatigue and appetite are improving, overall digestion and processing is better than ever. The pricing is what will be hard to overcome.

Hi Cathleen, I ordered from Trulieve who delivered for $25. Edibles are not available in Florida thanks to the Department of Health. Also, you can't smoke and no waxes either. AND worst of all you can't grow your own. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, however the Department of Health has put a huge damper on choices. Especially bad is the inability to grow our own. As patients juicing is an excellent option without the high. And completely different cannabinoids are available to our bodies if juiced fresh from the garden. Apparently Gov. Rick Scott has connections to the person running the Dept. of Health. We know his hand in healthcare has been corrupt from the get go. So smoking, edibles, fresh from the garden, and now they are even trying to outlaw vaping. It is unconscionable, the rules they are placing on the growers, doctors, and patients, and clearly run by idiots.

I am in the 90 day waiting period for my Medical Marijuana card for the state of Florida. I will be looking for product that relaxes my muscles and eases my intense pain, but that DOES NOT increase my appetite, if at all possible. I live in Palm Beach County. Please send me your recommendations for products that you can provide along with pricing. Also, please indicate whether or not you can send product to my home, and if so the delivery charge if any. I am mainly interested in CHOCOLATE EDIBLES, but can also utilize wax or the plant product itself. Thank you in advance for your kinds assistance.