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Where Are the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Florida?

Florida dispensaries are not as easily found as in other states. Especially the western states like California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, etc. In Florida the dispensaries are marketing themselves more to look like drug companies each with a unique logo, and none include the marijuana leaf which is so commonly present in western states. Everybody coming in to see the Dr. asks "where are the dispensaries?"  Often they have passed them without even realizing they are a dispensary.  The state of Florida also required them to called "marijuana treatment centers."  Doesn't that sound like a drug rehab program?  Like perhaps you used too much marijuana and you would go to a marijuana treatment center.  

The phrase and the logos have done a dis-service to patients.  The well known marijuana leaf has taken a back stage to logos consisting of blue and green and yellow swirls much more like a Nike swish than a marijuana leaf, or any plant for that matter. 

Luckily patients find us (we proudly display the marijuana leaf), and we direct them to the dispensaries.  To understand how misunderstood marijuana still is with "some" people.  We made an attempt to advertise on bus benches, and were told that none of the cities would accept our ads because of the marijuana leaf, and the subject.  Yet bus benches were advertising diet pills.  Deadly, toxic diet pills.  Yet a natural non-toxic plant was not allowed.  We were told that one location would be out of the question because it was down the street from a High School.  Yet, I bet I could score within a half hour of entering the school .  

There are dispensaries in Florida, and yes they are growing all their product in Florida.  The marijuana is tested for purity and labeled for consistency.  You can find the list of marijuana dispensaries on our website and follow the links to find all their locations though out the state.  Keep in mind they all delivery also.  Yes!  The dispensaries will deliver directly to your home or office. Some charge for this service.  Some don't.  

TIP:  Always ask if they have a discount program, sale, or any specials running to save money!